Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education
About the Foundation: The State Bar of Arizona created the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education in 1978, charging it with the mission of promoting access to justice for all Arizonans. The Foundation's 3 legal help websites need volunteers to help research questions submitted to the website., and all provide a particular audience help with a variety of legal issues. Users may submit questions through the website which are then assigned to a volunteer attorney or law student (whose answers are then reviewed by an attorney). No legal advice may be given, but users will be provided with what the current laws are for their situation and what resources may be available.
Arizona Secretary of State
Health Care Advance Directive @
See advance directives - An Advance Directive is a document in which you give instructions about your health care, what you want done or not done, if you can't speak for yourself. Advance directives are not complicated. They can be short, simple statements expressing your values and choices. Examples of Advance Directives include Health Care Directives, Living Wills, Health Care (Medical) Powers of Attorney, and other personalized directives.
AZ Attorney General
AZ Dept of Insurance
Contains information to help people with low and moderate incomes find legal resources.
A solution: Deep depression is overcome, with help
Google Places
Google Scholar
An excellent and detailed overview of what you should know about wills, trusts and other matters before an estate plan is designed - all written in an easy-to-understand manner. The material was originally created for use in a local community college adult education class. The site is owned and maintained by Michael T. Palermo, an estate planning lawyer and a certified financial planner (CFP). I provide a similar service in my build a will workshop at PCC.
Personal Injury
Offers legal information, books, software, and forms.
Pima County Bar Association
Social Security
Social Security benefit information and representation.
This update provides new information for 2006 for many items such as Social Security taxes and benefits. By law, these numbers change automatically each year to keep the program up to date with increases in price and wage levels. Whether you are working or you are already getting Social Security benefits, these changes are important to you.
State Bar of Arizona
U of A Law School Library
Provides online products and services to consumers and businesses worldwide.
A washed up third rate superhero trying to get by as a third rate lawyer.
Alper Website Solutions

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